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Council sends back JDA team

Ranchi, April 10: Representatives of Junior Doctors’ Association (JDA) today returned from Delhi failing to get any assurance from Medical Council of India officials.

Announcing this, Alok Kumar, the spokesperson of students agitating for the withdrawal of Medical Council of India letters directing to strike off the names of 90 students of the 2007 batch, said that Medical Council of India officials sent their representatives back.

“Medical Council of India officials refused to discuss the issue of withdrawing the letter, saying that it would discuss the matter only in its meeting scheduled to be held at Calcutta on April 14,” Kumar said.

The vice-president of JDA, Vijay Pratap Singh Tomar, who was among the representatives who took part in the meeting with MCI officials, said the officials said that a decision taken by the executive committee can only be changed by the committee itself.

“Medical Council of India secretary A.R.N. Sheetalvad welcomed our gesture to approach him to save the future of medicos but said that the decision could only be changed by the committee that had taken the earlier decision,” Tomar added.

Meanwhile, the students’ agitation entered its 11th day today in the RIMS emergency unit. Tomar said the agitation would continue tomorrow peacefully.

“We would change our strategy only if any negative decision is taken against the students,” he said.

RIMS director N.N. Ag- garwal and dean S.N. Choudhary are still camping in Delhi. They are expected to return tomorrow.

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